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I was born in Tokyo, Japan, which influenced me to develop great appreciation in Fashion and Art.
As a little girl at young age, I got myself into trouble by painting my nails with markers.

At the age of 18, I flew out of Japan and landed in California to study.
After recieving a degree in Interior Design, I decided to follow my passion in beauty industry.

I started as a manicurist working at a nail salon in West Hollywood, and quickly became a manager of their new location. It was enjoyable and I felt satisfied to see people smile as they leave with beautiful nails.

I have been building myself for 11 years in the nail service industry based in Los Angeles.

After getting connected to the local clienteles in Hollywood, vast opportunities opened up my career. I was introduced to work with Madonna, Solange, Cher, Common, Tyra Banks, and many more celebrities.

It has been rewarding to work as a manicurist and my journey continues...